Preparing today's kids to be adults tomorrow.

From kindergarten to 3rd grade, we learn to read. From 3rd grade on, we read to learn.



Sixty-one percent of low-income families do not own a single book suitable for children. That is why we are providing age-appropriate books and resources to children who don’t have access to books outside of school hours. We want to help outside the classroom so students have books at home to practice early reading skills.

University of Alabama honors students will also be helping in the classroom. College students will serve at a local elementary school to help students learn their sight words and establish a strong foundation in reading. Our desire is to continue to expand our volunteer base so that eventually every third grader in Tuscaloosa is reading at the third-grade level.


For children, employment begins with succeeding in school. Our mission is to be a proactive resource to schools and parents by providing the books, tutors, and resources needed for children to be at proficient reading levels by third grade.

For adults, illiteracy shuts doors, but literacy opens doors. Therefore, our future plans include partnering with organizations to open doors by providing literacy development and job skills. It’s difficult to catch up and compete for the best jobs, but it is a huge win to redefine your life from uneducated and unemployed to educated and employed.


Nothing creates more obstacles instead of opportunities than illiteracy. The problem is much bigger than an inability to read; for most, it becomes an inability to have a healthy identity. Unfortunately, illiteracy causes one to see him or herself from the perspective of what he or she can’t do, instead of what he or she can do.

Nobody succeeds in isolation; therefore, it’s the goal of Literacy2Work to form a community of friends and partners who believe in the underdog and do whatever is necessary to help people become overcomers. By starting our volunteer force with University of Alabama students, we also hope to foster a heart for service in our next generation of leaders.

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Literacy equips people and lifts them out of poverty.


Literacy employs people and provides stability.


Literacy empowers the development of the community, city, and country.


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